Tuesday, July 14, 2009


There are a whole lot of paintings all around these days,They comes in different forms,sizes and styles.And each have its own peculiar way of expressing it's self.I have come across such paintings over and over again but they never touch me so much like those found at the center for National culture Kumasi.

These are done by talented and skillful African artists found in Kumasi.They always comes out with touching artistic works which sends good massages such as peace,unity,love and understanding across.

Unlike others, these are antique and valuable works of great African Artist in Ghana.Their ideas are overwhelming and encouraging.

They usually do works which uplift the spirit of desperate youths to be on their own and have they in mind that whatever the situation they can make it.

They are also source of inspiration whenever they are around the home.They brighten the living room and sometimes shows where one is coming from.