Saturday, July 4, 2009



The President of the United States of America,Barack Obama,whose presidency is a historic one, because he is the first African American to be at the White as President.He is also taking this historic visit to Ghana on the 10th and 11th July.This is his first visit to an African country since his assumption of office.

His visit is significant since he will pay a visit the Cape Coast Castle to see the slave dungeon.This is where slaves were kept whiles waiting for their turn to be taken to the Carribean,America,Europe and other places.They were pack down there with just a small hole as source of light.Difficult slaves were somtimes brought out to be whipped and some for sexual experite.Most tourists burst out into tears when ever they see the dungeon.This is where you can witness how the slave trade went on.

All those African Americans who really want to trace their history or background or where they come from,this place starts the tracing of ancestral roots of the African American race.

The visit is very important to Ghanaians,because Obama being the first African American to be President of the United States is an Achievement and so is his visit to Ghana.

Each and every one Ghanaian has his or her own expections for President Obama.Some say he should help in poverty alleviation,in agriculture sector,education and health

He should help foster trade between those two countries.

Some also say he should see an average Ghanaian as someone who cannot buy three square meals a day and do somthing to help.

Others said he should bring down tighter Visa rules at their embassy in Ghana so Ghanaians can acquire visas easily.

Finally,One said more Ghanains are unemploy and would like him put up programmes which will bring employments to youths of Ghana.

Ghanaians are happy that the president is here and the YES,WE CAN spirit has taken over Ghanaians.

Today,We say YES, WE CAN