Thursday, October 13, 2016


Kete is one of the native drums of the people of the Ashanti's. Whenever you hear the tune of Kete, means there is an occasion going on in the area. It is normally played when royals of the great throne walks to greet when there is a durbar of kings and queens. It played when a King  is walking to occasions like funerals, festivals, durbars, and home coming of citizens of a particular village or town who have traveled abroad for such a long time and they was to come back and help their community. Kete is played to welcome them.

It was also played in the olden days as a form of the King's interactive message to the community. It was played to assemble the people of a particular village or town to a specific place in the village square.It various designs of tunes. Each tune has it's meaning and a particular form of dance along it.

It signifies bravery, richness, power, royalty, and beauty. It is dance by both men and women. A collaborative dance by both is marvelous to watch. You keep nodding your head as the tune is being danced to.