Saturday, July 18, 2009


The splendid and colorful nature of the Kente cloth makes it so attractive.It is made from spined cotton threads with traditional style of weaving attached to it.It comes along with a song got from the weaving machine.The kro,kro,kro,hie,kro which has been a song among the Ashanti's was derived from weaving the Kente.

Our Ancestors told us that the Kente Cloth came about as result of a hunter who went to hurt very late in the night,after scavenging for a longer time without having any animal to hunt, he sat down under a big tree to rest,whiles sitting and starring a one place for a while he saw something like a web,then he started getting closer,upon getting near,he saw a big spider weaving.It was a big and beautiful web the spider was doing so the hunter hid himself so as to not to disturb the spider.

He hid there hours studying the spider.It continued for sometime,Each day the hunter would come and study the patterns of the spider.

From then,he started weaving those patterns,joined them together to get the Kente cloth.So he made ends meat from them.People started learning it and it spread.The original Kente cloth comes from Bonwire in the Ashanti land.

It was worn by royals in Ashanti to show case the rich culture and people.Now every one wears them during great occasions such as engagements,out dooring,birthdays,durbars etc.

It a cloth mostly used to honour great people in the world when the need arises.Is a symbol of high office and beautifies every type of person.

It usually tells people where you are coming from.From home.