Saturday, April 7, 2012


Azonto is an emerging dance which is attracting and spreading so fast. It is not only danced in Ghana but around the world. Not a single day will pass without you seeing Azonto being danced by somebody. It feels good when you see someone doing the Azonto. It has became an order of the day.

It is danced with both the legs and the hands. Raising the right hand across the left hand back and front, with twisting the right leg continuously whiles you bend a bit and up. The use of the hand and turning your head gradually makes it so fun.

Kids dance Azonto like no body's business. They have a peculiar way dancing it. It is like most school kids knows how to dance it and they do it so well too. Some of them even are the ones who teach their parents how to dance Azonto.

Visitors and tourists find it so interesting that, they start learning it. Some are able to learn and pick the steps at a faster rate, soon you see them dancing it. They dance it when they return back to their respective countries.

It is danced everywhere and by different age groups too. The innovative ones add their own style to give it a different taste. Indeed Azonto has taken us by storm and it is here to stay.

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