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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


The most ultra modern and world class city mall has now safely arrive and is now opened in the Garden City of Ghana, Kumasi to be precise. At long last, the much awaited and long talk Mall is here in Oseikrom.

Although, it’s not long though but the enthusiasm and the patronage from people of all walks of life is overwhelming and welcoming. The joy and smiles on the face of people as they go window shopping is great, for those who have enough in their pocket do enjoy shopping.
If you have a new catchy by your side, the chilling becomes huge and enormous. For those of you who have a chase a lady for a long time, if it happens that she agrees finally, then that is the right place to hang up with her. But a piece of advice, if the girl or the guy happens to belong to someone else, then you have to be careful, because there could be a clash. Because all heads and roads lead to the Game, Shoprite and other shops, together they are known as the Kumasi City Shopping Mall.

The kids are also not left out; they have train riding, face paining, castle jumping, ice cream, pop corn section and others. There are varieties of reading and writing books, crayon, clay color pencils and other school materials parents can buy for their wards. 

Parents can also get jewelries, cloths and clothing, perfumes, dressing accessories like beads, bangles, slippers, shoes, bags, wigs, ribbings and ribbons, watches and under wears.
There are the huge underground and open space car parks. You would not get a problem of parking if you are using a car. Not matter how long you would want to spend over there, your car would be well kept. Do not expect scratch or a bumper punch on your car.

One funny thing is that, if you do not take care and manage to use the excavator, you can fall. For those of us who have not use the excavator before. A lady and the son is captured on camera when they fell.  This went viral on social media within the shortest possible time. The best thing to do is to stay on the excavator for it to move by its self either by taking up or downstairs.
Talking about security is the best. There are CCTV cameras all around. Of course is hiding. Security guards are at vantage points. Don’t be secured, they are not there to harm you, dude. They protect the cars and the people around from the bad nuts of the people.

Lastly, there are ladies and gentle serving as ushers of the Kumasi Mall. They are very attractive and welcoming. You can ask them for help, directions and explanations. There is also the front desk too. You can redeem your gift if you shop up to a certain amount of money.
There is also the section where live jazz band is being played, that is where I usually hangs and have my photo shoots. Awesome!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Thursday, October 13, 2016


Kete is one of the native drums of the people of the Ashanti's. Whenever you hear the tune of Kete, means there is an occasion going on in the area. It is normally played when royals of the great throne walks to greet when there is a durbar of kings and queens. It played when a King  is walking to occasions like funerals, festivals, durbars, and home coming of citizens of a particular village or town who have traveled abroad for such a long time and they was to come back and help their community. Kete is played to welcome them.

It was also played in the olden days as a form of the King's interactive message to the community. It was played to assemble the people of a particular village or town to a specific place in the village square.It various designs of tunes. Each tune has it's meaning and a particular form of dance along it.

It signifies bravery, richness, power, royalty, and beauty. It is dance by both men and women. A collaborative dance by both is marvelous to watch. You keep nodding your head as the tune is being danced to.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Some of the great arts you can find in the region

Cockroach under the bed

Typical Palm Wine Village Bar

Some Local Ladies showing Their Beauty

The Coming of the Golden Stool

All arts By Nana Elvis

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


The Kingdom of Asante have reign for decades of years now. The Kingdom existed so many years even before the coming of the Europeans especially the British. The people of Ashanti had their own system of governance. They had hierarchical system or form of governance. They had the King as the heard. He has the final say. But before that he had his subordinates, they are the chiefs. He had his paramount chiefs around him, such as the Paramount chief of Mampong, Nsuta, Ejisu, Offinso, Juaben and others

They are mostly represented at every dispute settlement  sitting. Most cases are redrawn from court to be settled at the Manhyia by the King.There is great respect for the great king among his people. One can be cast out of the land of Ashanti if he or she becomes disobedient and disrespectful. This has instill in the people of Ashanti to be respectful where ever they found their selves to be. They hail their King and listens to him even in this modern world. They keep to the culture of service to him without change.

But there are some people, which, when you think about them, you do not understand their behavior towards the Asanteman. Is it because of their political affiliation. They think they can underestimate the powers of Asanteman.

They should bring their disrespect onto the Kingdom and speak against it or face the needed punishment if even you are a son or daughter of the land.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


One interesting place to visit and have fun is Kwahu, which is found in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The fun associated with the place of interest if great.It has become an annual Easter thing. This is where families, friends and lovers travel to have fun and chill out on Easter. It is time where people from all round the country and the world to have fun.

A whole lot of activities goes on at that time.There is a lot to drink and eat. Visitors treat themselves with Hip life life music and dance the Azonto.It is a place you can relax to release some stress during the years hard days work. It has become a festival norm during Easter time of the year. People who comes from that area goes home during Easter for their friends and families to see them.

The grand event is the Para riding section. This is what attract tourists to the place more.You can be in the sky for sometime before you land on the ground. You get to see the beautiful mountains of Kwahu. With great site and sounds, you enjoy from the sky. Some too becomes frighten so they do not ride it themselves. Some just go and watch those riding the para ride. It is nice to be at Kwahu during Easter.