Friday, June 26, 2009


At about 11:12:23pm Gmt in Kumasi, i heard a massage tone off my phone,I viewed it and it was from my cousin in London,saying "Micheal Jackson is Dead".I thought it was a joke,so i replied back asking,"Is it real?".Not knowing it happened hours ago.

So the following morning it was all over CNN,BBC,all over the internet and other forms of media.

Michael Jackson would have been 51 years next August,but it couldn't happen,It was a sad news we heard this morning.The world has lost a great legend.The King of pop music has just left the world, a great loss.

Many people are remembering Jacko in their own ways.Some people troop to internet cafes to just view his photos and videos.

Others who already have his album just slot into their cd players and listens to his music.

Also,people wear arm band to remember him.

Lastly,People dance the triller and beat it dance