Thursday, June 18, 2009


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One may be wondering where to visit during the this or the next vacation.You may be having the feeling to visit a place full of rich culture.One may want be in the midst of many people drumming and dancing to hail their great King.

The best place to witness real culture is Manhyia - the home of rich culture, that has been preserved and maintained for centuries and ages.

When you come to manhyia,you can see

1.The Famous Manhyia Palace:
You can come see how the Great King (Otumfuo Osei Tutu II) sits at the Palace and settles disputes who was nicknamed King Solomon because of his Wisdom and the fast rate at which he settles disputes or you can see how a new Chief swears the Oats of allegience to him.

2. The Manhyia Museum:
Also the Manhyia Museum is there to visit.It was establish by the Late Otumfuo Opoku Ware.It contains the history of the Asantes from centuries.This is exactly the house the British built for King Prempeh I as Compensation as they took the Great King to Seychelles Island on exile,But Asantes said, they don't want anything free from the British so they paid for the bulding in full.

3.The House of Chiefs:
This is where the all Chiefs gather to have a common discussions towards developments of their various towns and villages.

4. Learn to play Drums
If you have interest in learning how to play the Adowa,Kete and others,then this is the opportunity to do so.

5.Learn how to wear the famous kente cloth
There are different types of cloths and different ways of wearing them.

All these Awaits you.