Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Bad roads are part of our every day life. You can be living in an very nice mansion, but the moment you come out of the house you walk on untied road to your office or your work place. Unless maybe you use a car for your self.

The only places you find a third class or second class roads are the towns and cities. There, the roads have been tiled. This allows free vehicular movements, which speeds production and productivity. If the high percentage of roads were all in good shape, then we could see effective development that yields results.

Imagine roads that leads to most tourist attraction centers in the country are all in very deplorable state. It make it impossible for tourist to move up and down these places, thereby minimizing the monies that could have come from tourism.

For those roads which have have already been tiled, you could one day see people from no where adding poor chippings to it. It in-turn brigs uncomfortable to pedestrians walking on the road and drivers alike. If the old road was there, it could have been enough.

For some, when it rains people cannot go to their farms. More - over cars and lorries can also not go and bring ready foodstuffs from the farms. All you need to do is to wait for some days before cars can go there. Those cars that tries to force their way in are stuck on the road for days and weeks until a heavy truck pulls them back.

These foodstuffs get spoiled, living farmers with nothing, but crying and sadness. When these happens school fees of the wards of the farmers are at stake.

Not forgetting, women who are in labor and lives in towns and villages with bad roads. They suffer and they are delayed when going to their respective hospital. This account for high rise in maternal mortality. Although there will be expensive advertisement of our various television and radio camping for the reduction in these mortality, but the shun away from the fact that our roads leading to towns and villages needs to attend to.

Further more professional like teachers, nurses, doctors, headmaster, security officers and others, this hinders them from giving their best to their clients. They may be delayed or even stop from going to work because of bad roads that have being washed away by erosion and making it difficult for them to go to work, these people should not be blamed.

Not forgetting, the numerous accidents on these roads. The most fear ably and dangerous thing is pot holes. Most driver tries to avoid these pot holes and in the effect, got themselves in accident. As these are going on, you could see and hear, expensive road safety campaigns going on in the media. Instead of repairing these roads they will push the blame on over speeding and alcohol.

On the other hand too, if these roads were in good condition then things would have being running in accurate and effective manner. Not withstanding the fact that, it would have accerelate development and foreign exchange earning from travelers an tourist who are in the position of discovering newly found places. As the saying goes travel and see.
Everybody needs to play his or her own side roles. For example, if you see a bad road, that is an accident prone, then you draw the right authorities in charge and make them aware so they attend and repair it fast, so as to not bring problems.

Lastly, authorities should also act fast when the see such things. They should again make roads which are strong and everlasting. Those that deserve the price they tell us to have been used on it.