Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dumsor as a Culture

Dumsor Papa
I started writing this content  with a very happy and cheerful face. Smiles were running all over my face. But all of a sudden, the lights went off, which is known here as Dumsor. The "Dum" which simply means off and the "sor" which also simply means on. When your combine them them is it "off and on.

This has continue for some years now and I must say it is becoming a culture. How is Culture define, it s defined as " a way of life. So if I may i ask, is Dumsor becoming a way of life such as how we eat, dress, cook,  greet, dance, move and smile.

I must confess, this cannot be. I f you know how this Dumsor have affected poorly to the life's of people, then it should be cut off outright from the lives of people. As I was writing this content, I was happy but the moment dumsor catched us I became sad till I waited for 5 hours before it came back.

Imagine if you were working with light at your work place, you would have miss huge amount of money, because time is money.

I will keep praying Dumsor does not become a culture but a different thing else. Maybe it should be thrown into the sea forever for a shark to swallow.