Thursday, December 27, 2012


Akwasidae is one the festive occasions aside Odwira. Though there many festive occasions here, but Adae comes most often after every forty days, which is so enjoyable

This is characterized by people from all walks of life. From important and high people in the society to the simple school girl or boy around. They  come to pay homage or to greet the great King for the last before the year ends.

The next Adae will fall on forty day from the last one. This is where you hear your favorite tunes of Kete, Adowa and Fontomfrom, which is known as the drum of the Royals.
A man in Kente peeping at the Asantehene
 One of the things that was so great to watch was how the Royal Guards displayed their movement. This has been there for centuries and the use and dress the same.