Monday, July 9, 2012


The most important thing, we looks up to as a nation is peace and love. These are things so worthy looking up. Doing away with them won't help. But embracing them will go a long way of helping people. Our family formation and the respect for our elderly and most especially, the regard we have for our Kings and Queens, always makes peace to dwell in us. Our parents teaches us to be at peace with our neighbors and to leave in harmony with our extended families.The love for peace is planted in every Ghanaian

 Reasons for Peace

 1. With peace, there is absolute freedom to go about doing your daily routine. You are able to do what you always do.

 2. You can go about having fun without any string attached. Having fun is one major factor to relieve stress.

3. With peace in the country, your investments are safe and secured. Surely you can continue to increase it.

4. You can have ample time with your family. There nothing so worthy than spending good time with your family.

 5. Lastly, with peace, you have access to whatever you like.