Monday, June 4, 2012


History is said to be events that happened in the past. These events are normally important things that happened years ago and have its significances. I must say, some of these happenings shows how our fore- fathers toiled for us, Such events cannot be thrown away and needs to be remembered always so that, the youth learns from them. Example of such historic city is Kumasi, where almost all the street namings are based on the history of the people.You can learn the history through street names.This shows how easily one can learn the history. The lovely history is always remembered when you come out and see these streets.Some of these historic street names are: 1. Seychelles street 2. Prempeh I street 3. Prempeh II street 4. Yaa Asantewaah street 5. Komfo Anokye street 6.Gorges burg road