Saturday, July 21, 2012


vacations are a set time aside where you can travel all around the world to relax and release stress. Most visitors comes to Africa to see Forts and Castles, historic sites, game and wild life to find the reality side of life. When coming down to Africa, there is the need to know how to prevent your self from Malaria. This is a big problem for us living in this part of the world. There are few ways one can prevent him or her self from it.  

The most common ways of preventing malaria.  

MOSQUITO NETS The best and effective way is to sleep inside a mosquito net. Not even an ordinary mosquito net but a treated one, because the mosquito are so powerful that, they can sneak inside the net and bite you.  

MOSQUITO COILS Another way of preventing malaria is the use of Mosquito Coils. This is commonly used here. But some people complains of lots of smoke comes out from the coil. Whiles others too talks about the risk of the fire.  

 This is also a form of preventing Malaria. This comes in the for a cream one uses on the body. The smell of the repellent drives the mosquito away.This is another good option to take.  

Left waters Cans lying around should be emptied. This will not let mosquito to lay eggs in the can.  

Waters should not be left standing in and around and some corners of the house but rather they should be dried up with broom.