Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The year started on a victorious note.It has becoming a ritual that at the end of every year there is Football/Soccer tournament among Suburbs in Kumasi.

These tournament attracts many people including tourists to witness matches being played between these suburbs. With singing, chanting and singing of local songs by the supporters of these different groups.

The just ended one was grace by young ladies who also cheered their side. There was the morning section and evening sections too.

Some watched with their favorite drinks in hand and made merry. 

The finals which was played on the 2nd  Jan. this year saw Manhyia and Allabar going to the finals, It was a great match since neither side didn't want to lose but start the year with a victory.

The first half score was 1 1 all. Then came the 2nd half was Manhyia was able to add another goal to make 2 1 against Allabar.

Then the Jamma and Kolomashy started, there singing here and there, they played till the referee whitsle for the end of the March.