Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 Bronya Dua
The upcoming Christmas festivities reminds me of when I was a young little boy. When is time for Christmas then is all joy.

Now I use to hear about Christmas trees and what comes to my mind is Bronya Dua. This simply means erecting of Christmas hat.

This was normally done on the day time of the 24th night. What happens was, All friends living close will come together and we set for the bush, that is palm plantation.

Then we cut branches of the palm as many as we can and brings them back, so on the backyard, then we build a house out of the palm branches and we lay carpet out of polythene.

After the house is completely built then we start working on the drums. We use any available materials to make musical instruments.Everyone then disperses to our various home.

So the game starts on the boxing Day of Christmas, where we drum and sing while we eat biscuit and sweets drinks from our parents.

I have observer that those activities are no more done by the kids.