Friday, February 18, 2011


Once upon a time in land of Kotoko, lives a King, his queen, subordinates and the people of the land, they live peacefully and happy.

They go about their normally duties such as going to the farm to weed,grow new crops and fetch firewood for cooking, and the women went about their normal chores such as fetching water from the river known as subin.

The people sat under the moon light every evening for story telling, drumming and dancing of their favorite ballad songs, dances and games such as Ampe, Aso and KwaaKwaa ( hide and sake).

They lived so happy until one day, when one woman from the town was going to fetch firewood for her normal duties then came in contact and eye to eye with a big, strong and gigantic Lion on the way.

The beast (etwie)gave her a hot chase  and at the end eat the woman up. This continue for a long time and the people who were happy all the time couldn't go out to do their normal daily chores of farming and fetching of water.

So this brought hunger and starvation on the people.All the men, women and children were very afraid and they could not do anything.

So the King releasing this this said to himself " I will not sit down there like and coward for my beloved natives to suffer like this if then I will go and face this lion my self."

He took no weapon but his bear hand and roam the whole town and search every possible hiding place for the lion but was nowhere to be found.The King came back.

One afternoon as the King was  having a nap, the King's messenger run hurriedly to the Palace and told the King that the beast is in the town again, very Hungary and was on his people.

So the King slowly went outside and after walking about just ten meters inside and around the center of the town, the King bump into the beast.

The beast jumped onto the King. He also jumped and meet it int he sky, they all fell heavily on the ground and roll over and over,

then the King grape the neck of the tiger inside his armpit strongly without leaving for almost an hour,He suddenly turn the tiger releasing it is weak,

He then hold the top and down mouth positions and opened it widely apart, this broken the jaws of the wicked animal and send it dead straight up.

There was jubilation in town and the people went about doing their normal duties and their happiness was restored till now.

This is a historic story which happened and the place is now known as Adum Pampaso where we have the statue of our great King Osei Kyeretwie where visitor do come and see this place.

This teaches us the youth of today to be brave, articulate and bold.