Thursday, August 6, 2009


Some well carved faces showing the artistic nature of Africans especially Ghanaians exhibits the different faces of which is each face have perculiar meanings of

Artistic: They are creative people who always weave,curve,paints etc to the amusement of people.They create using anything they found on the ground being the soil it self or a plant on the ground.They uses symbols to represent a saying or an adage.Such as the Adinkra symbols of the Ashantis in Ghana.

Warious: They were also known for their ability to gather themselves at a point in time under one leader to fight for a common goal.Such as the Yaa Asantewaah war.

Bravery:They also had strong heart to push them to come face to face with who ever it was and see who stays out defeated.

Aticulateness: They were robust and looks like men and are ready to attack like soldiers

FearlessJust like the Lion who exists in the in an environment and have no idea of some thing coimg on its way to scarce it.So there is always free row to play.

strongnessNot only do they have it physically but are mentally sound and active people,