Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Cape Coast Castle Dungeon is a much talked place among people throughout the world which I have wanted to see since birth.Upon this brought His Excellency President Obama and his family all the way from America to Ghana.But it was only a couple of months ago that I got the chance to witness it my self.

One Saturday,Me and a friend were driving around Kumasi when we heard an announcement on our radio that Panafest is on-going and it was a great event,so we turned and drives straight to Cape Coast.By about two to three a hours drive we were there.

I was so curious to see the dungeon where the Ancestors of Most African Americans came from.So we went and buy our tickets to enter.Because of the Panafest, there were so many people from all around the world.

Some of our brothers and sisters from the diaspora were also there.Some African Americans we were going round the castle with by help of a Tour Guide said they are there to find their routes.some burst out crying upon seeing the Dungeon,because they saw the pains our great great grand fathers went through.

From there,we went straight to the beach to have fun.We played football with guys from Cape Coast,took our favourite drinks and socialized.