Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Cane Weaving is the process whereby cane is used to make different kind of items such as chairs, dressing mirrors etc.through weaving.The beauty nature of an item which is worve from cane is splendid and natural.The weavers goes through long time of sitting at one place weaving.They go through a lot of processes before reaching or making an item from the Cane.One will always wonder how they turned long sticks of the Cane branches into such items like Shopping baskets which the ladies normally use frequently.
They are durable and of high quality.It has attracted the attention of women thereby most ladies has an item made from cane.Some of the items made from cain includes the following.
Dressing mirrors
Sofa Chairs
Shopping Buskets
Center Tables
Jewellry boxes
It also has unique and antique features with it's natural colour.Where ever an item made from cane is found shows the superb nature of it.I will encourage you to get an item which is made from cane to bright your home or place.Take a tour to Adum in Kumasi-Ghana to get an item made from cane or see works made from Cain which is marvelous and catch the attention of Kentepa.