Wednesday, July 13, 2016


The Kingdom of Asante have reign for decades of years now. The Kingdom existed so many years even before the coming of the Europeans especially the British. The people of Ashanti had their own system of governance. They had hierarchical system or form of governance. They had the King as the heard. He has the final say. But before that he had his subordinates, they are the chiefs. He had his paramount chiefs around him, such as the Paramount chief of Mampong, Nsuta, Ejisu, Offinso, Juaben and others

They are mostly represented at every dispute settlement  sitting. Most cases are redrawn from court to be settled at the Manhyia by the King.There is great respect for the great king among his people. One can be cast out of the land of Ashanti if he or she becomes disobedient and disrespectful. This has instill in the people of Ashanti to be respectful where ever they found their selves to be. They hail their King and listens to him even in this modern world. They keep to the culture of service to him without change.

But there are some people, which, when you think about them, you do not understand their behavior towards the Asanteman. Is it because of their political affiliation. They think they can underestimate the powers of Asanteman.

They should bring their disrespect onto the Kingdom and speak against it or face the needed punishment if even you are a son or daughter of the land.