Tuesday, March 29, 2016


One interesting place to visit and have fun is Kwahu, which is found in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The fun associated with the place of interest if great.It has become an annual Easter thing. This is where families, friends and lovers travel to have fun and chill out on Easter. It is time where people from all round the country and the world to have fun.

A whole lot of activities goes on at that time.There is a lot to drink and eat. Visitors treat themselves with Hip life life music and dance the Azonto.It is a place you can relax to release some stress during the years hard days work. It has become a festival norm during Easter time of the year. People who comes from that area goes home during Easter for their friends and families to see them.

The grand event is the Para riding section. This is what attract tourists to the place more.You can be in the sky for sometime before you land on the ground. You get to see the beautiful mountains of Kwahu. With great site and sounds, you enjoy from the sky. Some too becomes frighten so they do not ride it themselves. Some just go and watch those riding the para ride. It is nice to be at Kwahu during Easter.