Friday, May 17, 2013


The day was young. It was bright too. You could see people trooping in to the palace one by one. Those who hard ceremonial clothes like Kente and Egyinasa hurriedly organised and put them on. Those with attire also saw to it that they were nice.

The beauty of our Queen mothers and our Kings were so marvelous. You could see that they were beautiful and handsome. The usual display of Gold ornaments were not left out. Indeed, people showed that  Kumasi was truly the home of rich culture. Travel expeditors will really enjoy travelling to the Garden city.

People had their on way of receiving the Governor in front of the palace. I could spot people who have painted  he whole of their body to welcome the Governor General. I could not stop laughing but to pull my phone a take pictures.

This is a place travellers

can enjoy coming