Thursday, April 11, 2013


Aside the long time existing of Lake Bosomtwe, A new lake has been discovered, It is believed that it is the same old lake that has it spread to new areas in the Ashanti Region. The fun that comes with, is enormous and great.

 People travel from many places just to have a look at the discovered Lake. Traveling there pays. During weekends and holidays most especially, you can see people with drinks in their Coleman ice chests and backpacks of swimming costumes in their pick ups and in taxis travels to the new discovery Lake at Ankaase, a village near Kumasi.

 This has make travel existing to this new area. The excitement is so keen and lovely, Some do find love when they travel over there. During one of such travel visits, Me and my friends, were eager to eat some fufuo, because we wanted some soup to taste.

A small boy directed us to one, opanin’s village hat quarters. To our disappointment, people have consume all the food. Opanin and his wife, assured us that he will prepare something sumptuous for to eat. He went to his backyard took one of his favorite goats in the farm and slaughtered it and started prepare some some fufuo for us.

 As I speak, the soup with fresh goat meat was on fire being prepared by Opanin, whiles the fufuo was being pounded by her wife. This showed how hospitable they were to us and we were so pleased.

The food was so good that other people upon seeing joined us as we eat. I always remember that treat and I have plan to go back and have a good time again.