Friday, February 3, 2012


valentine started long back centuries. This is a day for remembering St. Valentine, a philanthropic, who find a special way of expressing love, especially to the less deprived and privileged ones in the society. He found a unique way of making them smile and happy.

These unique and special ways of expressing love have been adopted since then by lovers, to show how much one cares for each other. This is now a part of culture. A day set aside to impress your lover or your to be lover.


At a point in time in a man's life, one needs a companion or a lover. Together, the two makes the journey of life. Joining hands together pleases the Almighty. This comes the need for two to be joined as one.

Once again, the art of gifting is unleashed. This brings notice to the mined that at least someone cares.

During a typical day of valentine, people have their own ways of celebrating it. Those who have time in the afternoon, usually take their partners to lunch and eat together and have a bottle of wine, chats and make fun.

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But during the night, the most of the celebrations starts here. This is the time, you can trust your partner that he or she is really there for you.

You can be in hot waters if your partner or your date never picks your phone call or you go to his or her home, click the bell and the person is already out on a date. This is up to you to decided what your next step will be. Whatever ways you choose to celebrate it, must be okay with you.

Lastly, The color of red will reflect somewhere, this is the culture aspect of it that I am talking about. You will definitely see people wearing their favorite red attire and sometimes blended with white. This always remembers us that the day is valentine. Gift hampers, wine, lunch, dinner, sitting some place quietly and clubbing will not be left out.