Tuesday, October 26, 2010


King's Guard
Funeral is among one of the most important traditions among the people of Ghana, it is believed that when someone dies,the last respect is counts, since it will be the last time the deceased is seen in public.

People spend a lot of monies to make the big funeral for person whereas whiles they were living what to eat was a problem.If we compared sometime ago to now, I must say the cost of expensive funerals have come down.At first, they will do what is called wake - keeping where sympathizers will come from all over to keep vigil on the laid in state body.They incur all lots of cost such sympathizers up keep on food, drinks accommodation from normally Friday to Sunday where they go for thanks giving. But now, wake keeping is no more.

They also had a habit of keeping a deceased family member at the mortuary for a long period of time say three months before the final funeral rites are performed and all these while they will be paying.

Again, they come out with a uniformed cloth which every one is supposed to own one, so the women force their husbands to buy these for them which is costly and the unmarried ones turn to all sort of bad habit like sleeping with men for money to get themselves the cloth.I think all these are changing now.

When funeral rites are being performed especially for Kings, we see all sorts of traditions Traditional guards are not left out, All traditional music group such as the Adowa and Kete will be present exhibit traditions through drumming and dancing.