Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Kumasi Fort
The only fort which resides in the center of  Adum in the garden city of Ghana, is the Kumasi Fort.

This place has a great historical background from the time of Sir Gordon Guggisberg. It was here that, he stayed when he was in Ghana, Kumasi to be precise in the colonial days.

It was here that the phrase "Wo kum apem a, apem b3ba" came about.This is now the motto of the great football club Kumasi Asante Kotoko,

It literally means when thousands get killed, thousands will be coming. This exibits the brave nature of the Ashantis. They do not give up until mission is accomplish.

This was later conquered by the Ashantis and has being in Kumasi till now and serve as a tourist attraction center and people from all over the world comes here to see the fort