Monday, March 17, 2014


After the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Enstoolment of the King of the Asantes to the Golden Stool, OtumfuoOsei Tutu, the II, Now the celebration of the 15th Anniversary is right with us. The celebrations take about 3 months to end. It contains a whole lot of pro-grammes from time to time. This celebrations have already started as at now.

It started from Sunday 16th February and ends on 21st May 2014 where there will be the lifting of ban on funeral celebrations. There are so many interesting pro-grammes and activities that will attract more tourist into Kumasi and Ghana as a whole. Some of these pro-grammes and activities must be noted, so as not to miss.

One such activity I don’t want to miss is the one month long photo shoot and Photo Exhibition at the gardens of the Manhyia Museum, precisely the inner Gardens of the Manhyia Palace. This starts from Wednesday, 16th April to Wednesday 14th of May.

Again there be the Performance by traditional Priest (Atano Rites) Tuesday 25th March at the Manhyia Palace.

Thursday April 10th Otumfuo returns from Breman to Nnomirem( Otumfuo rides in Palanquin from Kyeremateng family house, Mrom, through Apagyafie to the Manhyia Palace)

Starting from 29th March, there will be the Ban on Funerals & Drumming and it will end on 21st May, 2014.The next pro-grammes and activities is the Kuntunkunidεε (Akwasidae Celebration).