Monday, December 30, 2013



Eclipse seeing is form of tourism around the world. It is a great tourism potential. But it does not happen often. Most travelers and tourist simply go to other countries just to have a blink at the eclipse. Countries that see eclipse most often turns to have more foreign exchange earnings and profit.
Tourists that comes to these countries spend on items that brings the indigenous people benefits. One would be happy if such a great natural occurrence does happen frequently as compared to other natural disasters.

During one of my traveling, I witnessed the eclipse. It was a great experience. Though it was not the main reason I was in the country. But hey, there it was, and it was a nice and great experience of a life time. It was awesome and incredible. Even, birds could notice a change in the sky as they flew away in the sky. Darkness came in the day time and within some minutes it was day again. Most of the tourists I came across were feeling happy. They watched it from the open and along the beaches and rivers sides

The best part was that during the time of the eclipse, I was in a pub with a lady friend, we were watching feed-backs from the television in the pub. Soon the eclipse has catch us. This lady friend and I were contemplating on the mistake we have done by not buying the appropriate sunglasses to watch it.

Immediately she remembered she had one in her bed room from the previous passed one that happened in the country about six years back. So we decided to go to her bed room and search for it so that we could have a clear view and experience it as it happens.

We went to her room and started searching all over, we brought one boxes of items and threw all the things in it all around the room. We crawl on our knees from the living room to the bed room. We crash our heads together once or twice as we were eager to watch it. We run up and down in the room. Soon we got ourselves tired

I realize we were feeling tipsy from the few drinks we had at the pub. We pushed each other as we were in a hurry to get sunglasses to catch a glimpse at the eclipse. We fell on our backs on the bed facing the ceiling. I asked her to take her time and remember exactly where she put it, but to no avail. We did all we can but we did not find the sunglasses.

We went back to the pub and luckily a kid was watching outside the pub with a sun glass. So we borrowed it and we had experience of it. This was great and I cannot forget that day.

During this day, people were able to make enough and attractive sales that was pleasing and satisfactory. Anything you were selling was a boom for those who were selling foodstuffs and drinks at places where tourist and travelers from all round the world were much found.

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