Monday, August 19, 2013


These two words move together like Twins. One does not leave the other. As Azonto is a an emerging Ghanaian cosmopolitan dance, that is being dance through out the world, from New York High Street, to Asia, through Brsitol in London and back to Africa. It is loved by the people  and travellers travelling to Ghana can find the young, the old and the Aged dancing it.

Also, peace on the other hand is something Ghanaians enjoy having and is withing the blood. It has being the culture that if two people in the family have disagreement, the head of the familz or the King or Queen, calss the two and settle it through dialogue to ensure peace prevails between the two. This is the time the people have to exhibit the peace within the blood. This is the a way of letting people know that Ghana have done it before and  will do it again because peace is something we like as we love Azonto.