Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Although a whole lots of Kingdoms have being in existence for the past years and decades ago.Some does not even exist any more. If they even still exist, They have had different changes which have also change it's direction of focus.

But for one Kingdom, I know for sure and have even had the chance to experience same Kind of traditions and cultures which was laid down by the founder.
This Kingdom is the Ashanti Kingdom.

The Kingdom just celebrated 75 years of existence.They have the same traditions and culture over and over again without any modernization of any nature.They have the same bravery attitude from the time they captured many lands across Ghana and beyond.They have great historic background.

The Ashantis,being 2/3's (TWO Thirds) of the population of Ghana have respect for their Kings.Those down the hierarchy have strong respect for their top Kings.

The home of the Ashanti Kingdom is Manhyia.Many people from different places of this continent often comes to Manhyia see the rich culture that have been maintain for decades.

The only occupant of the Golden Stool Otumfuo Osei Tutu Ababio II is a great Millinium King who settles disputes so easily and quickly.His wisdom has being ranked in this world as the King Solomon of our modern times.A great King of our time.

No King comes near.Any Chief who thinks he can rock shoulders with the Otumfuo is deceiving and making a fool out of himself,because there is vast difference between a King and a Chief.

One deems it a great privilege and honor to be under the King.We the subordinates recognizes him as our One and only Great King of our time.

These small Chiefs who wants to rock shoulders should remember that if it was in the older days,any disobedient Chief to the Golden Stool and Manhyia,were said to be brought to the Manhyia with only his skuul.

Long Live Ashanti Kingdom!!! Long Live Ghana !!!