Wednesday, April 22, 2009


22 ND April which is World Environment Day.Going green is the theme.Its our fervent prayer that the world would be green always.There are several ways of going green. Some of them are as follows:
  • Re-planting of trees

People should start planting trees at convenient places at their homes, neighbourhood and condusive places.And for every tree cut down in the forest for timber or any other purpose should be replanted

  • Make a backyard garden

Start by making a backyard garden. Any available stretch of land should be use for a garden.You plant vegetables like flowers,tomatoes,maize, cassava or any common plant in your vesinity.

  • Cleaning of the environment

People should clean their environment by weeding around their houses,put flower gardens around clean.Also get rid of stagnant waters to stop bleeding mosquitoes.

  • Don't add Poisonous substances to rivers

Poisous substances such as DDT and acids should not be thrown into rivers and water bodies because it kills fishes together with their fingerings.

  • Stop easing your self into rivers

People turn to ease themselves into rivers and water bodies and should be stopped